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Salon Art Prize 2010

7th - 30th October, 2010

The Salon Art Prize features 65 artists handpicked by a panel of prominent art experts and exhibited at MRA Project Space on Vyner Street, East London. The Salon09 judging panel included:
Peter Bonnell (Curator, ArtSway) - Painting
Kate MacGarry (Director, Kate MacGarry gallery) - 2-D Media
Richard Birkett (Curator, ICA) - Sculpture

The work selected ranged from painting, printmaking, collage and drawing to sculpture and installation.

The Selectors' Prize supported by John Jones was awarded to Julie Cockburn


The Selected Artists are: Elisabetta Alazraki, James Allchin, Sophie Baker, Claire Bayliss, Emma Bennett, Gabriele Beveridge, Adam Burton, Louisa Chambers, Jae Yeon Chung, Julie Cockburn, Daniel Crawshaw, Ben Deakin, Lisa Denyer, Laura Fitzgerald, Robert Fresson, Glad Fryer, Marisa Futernick, Nina Garstang, Hugh Gillan, Laura Green, Rachel Gross, David Hanger, Rupert Hartley, Aaron Head, Brian Hegarty, Cynthia Hsieh, Sookyoung Huh, Lynn Hynd, Phil Illingworth, Jarik Jongman, KEELER TORNERO, Anna Keleher, Helen Kincaid, Bartosz Kolata, Matthew Krishanu, Phanos Kyriacou, Robert Lang, Rebecca Lennon, Dave Loder, Cathy Lomax, Richard Martin, Duncan McAfee, Oliver McConnie, Mark McCullough, Elizabeth McDonald, Christina Mitrentse, Jane Morgans, Daniel Mort, Lawrence Nash, Hugh Nicholson, Murray O’Grady, David O'Kane, Elise Rasmussen, Graham Reid, Johannes Sailer, Miho Sato, Tom Shedden, Hideto Shinkawa, Jayne Smith, Paul Smith, Andrew Sunderland, Zack Thorne, Hiromi Tsuha, Cathy Wade, Jonathan Wright

OpenFORUM: art festival supporting artists' professional development

6 May - 13 June 2010

For six weeks MRA Project Space will hosted OpenFORUM – a series of workshops, talks, screenings and performances presented by professional development organisations, artist-led groups, curators and publications. Throughout May and June OpenFORUM provided a highly-visible platform for the involved organisations to share their knowledge with artists about the ways in which they can best develop their career, as well as creating an open environment for exchange and discussion whilst showcasing a diverse array of artist-led organisations working within the UK.


A broad range of arts organisations will tool over the exhibition space for a morning, afternoon, evening, or full-day session to present events supporting artists’ professional development, discussions around issues in contemporary art/practice, performance-presentations and publication launches.

Salon Video Art Prize 10

4 March - 18 April 2010

Matt Roberts Arts is pleased to present its inaugural Salon Video Art Prize. The exhibiting artists have been selected by Mike Sperlinger (Assistant Director, Lux) and Zineb Sedira (artist). The exhibition is split into two parts. The winner of the Selectors' Prize is Mauricio Arango, whose work is exhibited over both parts of the exhibition.


PART I - 4 March - 21 March
Matthew Bate, Sara Bjarland, Mel Brimfield, Aliceson Carter, Jacob Cartwright & Nick Jordan, Katy Connor, Valentina Ferrandes, Michael Marczewski, Sophie Michael, Ian Nesbitt, Matthew Noel-Tod, Helena Ohman McCardle, Kirk Palmer, Andreas Papadopoulos, Mario Pfeifer, Daisy Richardson, Hua Kuan Sai, Erica Scourti, Marianna Simnett and Katri Walker

PART II - 1 April - 18 April
Helin Anahit, Ismail Bahri, Mira Loew & Belén Zahera, Neil Beloufa, Lisa Byrne, Emma Charles, Katie Davies, Bettina Furnée with Tim Sidell, Vron Harris, Steve Hawley, Tetsushi Higashino, Allan Hughes, Callum Kellie, Johanna Elisa Laitanen & Liinu Groenlund, Dave Loder, Alicia Love McDaid, Sally Mumby-Croft, Owen Oppenheimer, Naren Wilks, Stina Wirfelt

Removed from the Eyes of Strangers, London, UK

7 January - 6 February 2010

Removed from the Eyes of Strangers brings the work of four emerging British artists to MRA Project Space. This is the final leg of the international exhibition, following a tour of Galleri Andersson/Sandström in Umeå, northern Sweden, and Co-Lab. in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The participating artists have been selected by Matt Roberts Arts in response to an ongoing interest in the work of Sigmund Freud, and have used their research into Freud’s essay ‘Das Unheimlich’ to inspire a new body of work for this exhibition. Freud used the term ‘unheimlich’ to explain the phenomenon that occurs when ideas and feelings from childhood which have been repressed are suddenly reawakened, and the familiar becomes ‘unheimlich’ or uncanny. The artists in Removed from the Eyes of Strangers subtly alter domestic objects to reveal how we can still be terrorised by the slightest shift in our perceptions.


Rachel Goodyear’s soft hand-drawn visions of figures, inanimate objects and violent images of animals create an unfamiliar landscape forcing the viewer to readdress their own experience of suburban life. Matt Lippiatt’s site sensitive videos and installations directly link memories of specific locations to the uncanny, exploring the notion of artists as social outsiders, where the connection between genius and insanity is blurred. Wendy Mayer’s work centres around the evolution of the self. Exploring perceptions of the ageing process to embrace her interest in the uncanny, she utilises dolls and figurines to project images of herself that represents various stages of her evolving psyche. Pete Smith’s human forms mechanically mimic the shadowy patterns of everyday rituals grown from memories of his childhood and his experience of working in menial roles or on factory floors.

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