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Open Forum 2014

The aim of Open Forum 2014 is to allow Matt Roberts Arts to use our experience to provide advice to artists in regions where the commercial sector is developing and less visible. There were 8 one-to-one feedback sessions on developing your commercial practice with a commercial gallerist and  8 separate one to one sessions with Matt Roberts, discussing ways to fund your practice. Reviews were supported by the host venue, Matt Roberts Arts, and Arts Council England through Grants for the Arts.

Open Forum 2014 – Blue Monkey & Towner - Saturday 28th June 2014 - Reviews & Panel discussion
Debra Wilson, WW gallery, London (Reviewer and panelist) & Phil Illingworth, artist, Portsmouth (Panelist)


Open Forum 2014 – Coventry Artspace - Saturday 7th June 2014 - Reviews & Panel discussion
Henry Little, Breese Little, London (Reviewer and panelist) & Nathaniel Pitt, Division of Labour, Worcester (Panelist)


Open Forum 2014 – Art Space Portsmouth - Saturday 31st May 2014 - Reviews & Panel discussion
Will Lunn, Sumarria Lunn, London (Reviewer and panelist) & Professor Stephen Foster, John Hansard gallery  (Panelist)


Open Forum 2014 - Wysing Arts Centre - Saturday 24th May 2014 - Reviews & Panel discussion
Ceri Hand, Ceri Hand gallery, London (reviewer and panelist), Aid & Abet, Cambridge (Panelists)

Open Forum 2014 – Bath Artists' Studios - Saturday 17th May 2014 - Reviews & Panel discussion
Jennie Syson, Syson gallery, Nottingham (Reviewer and panelist), Cara Lockley, Hand in Glove, Bristol (Panelist)

Open Forum 2014 – Fabrica and Phoenix Studios - Saturday 12th April 2014 - Reviews & Panel discussion
Chiara Williams, WW gallery, London, Danielle Arnaud, Danielle Arnaud Gallery, London


Open Forum 2014 - Unity Arts Trust & Pallant House - Saturday 5th April 2014  - Reviews & Panel discussion
Alli Sharma, Transition Gallery, London (Reviewer and panelist), Judith Alder, Blue Monkey Network (Panelist)


Open Forum 2014 - Movement - Saturday 29th March 2014 - Reviews & Panel discussion
Josephine Breese, Breese Little gallery, London (Reviewer and Panelist), Mona Casey, Curator (Panelist)


Open Forum 2014 - Stroud Valley Arts - Saturday 22nd March, 2014 - Reviews & Panel discussion
Anna Harnden, Tryon Street Gallery (Reviewer and panelist), Sarah Bowden, Meantime gallery (Panelist)


Open Forum 2014 - East Street Arts - Saturday 15th March 2014 - Reviews & Panel discussion
Chris Yeats, Vane Gallery, Gateshead (Reviewer and panelist), &Model, Leeds (Panelist), BlipBlipBlip, Leeds (Panelist)

Kaizen 2014

Kaizen - A 2 day workshop to develop presentation skills and format your Artists’ Statement & CV

Saturday 9 & Sunday 10 May 2015
21 Evesham Street, London, W11 4AJ

Taking place over two days in West London, the Kaizen was a series of interactive lectures detailing appropriate formats for key documents including Artists’ CV’s and statements, followed by a series of artists presentations to benefit participants when they are choosing their work they for exhibitions , studio visits or online presentations and to develop the way they communicate their work to others.

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